Murder Metal Mayhem

Episode 161 - Anatoly Moskvin: Living Dead Girls

December 16, 2021 Pete Altieri, Chris Shawback, Joey Goremonger & Chris "CK" Kovacs Season 1 Episode 161
Murder Metal Mayhem
Episode 161 - Anatoly Moskvin: Living Dead Girls
Show Notes

Pete, Chris, and Joey bust out another episode, this time with a feature on the strange case of Anatoly Moskvin.  His gruesome crimes involved digging up dead girls to make life size dolls that he kept in the apartment he shared with his parents.  When police arrested him in 2011, there were 26 dolls made from the mummified remains.

Pete does the metal feature on the Swedish thrash metal band, Warfect, and a clip from the interview he did with the bassist is included.  Plus, remembering Chuck Schuldiner, a new Killer Cage Match, mayhem stories from Pete and Joey, Christmas karaoke, and much more.

Music by Warfect, Pro-Pain, and Death.

Brought to you by Winter's Gore - gore for the holidays!

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