Murder Metal Mayhem

Episode 157 - Fritz Honka: The Ripper Made Me Do It

November 11, 2021 Pete Altieri, Chris Shawback, Joey Goremonger & Chris "CK" Kovacs Season 1 Episode 157
Murder Metal Mayhem
Episode 157 - Fritz Honka: The Ripper Made Me Do It
Show Notes

Pete, Chris, and Joey destroy another episode, this time with a feature on German serial killer, Fritz Honka.  His brutal murders of prostitutes in Hamburg are detailed and how police found body parts hidden in his attic.  It's a crazy story of perversion and murder.

Pete does the metal feature on Generation Kill with a 10-miniute interview clip with singer, Rob Dukes.  The guys discuss other heavy metal news, Pete shares a funny mayhem story, a new Killer Cage Match, karaoke destruction, and more

Music by Generation Kill, Venom, and Warfect.

Brought to you by Pete Altieri (author).

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