Murder Metal Mayhem

Episode 156 - Jane Toppan: The Angel of Death

November 04, 2021 Pete Altieri, Chris Shawback, Joey Goremonger & Chris "CK" Kovacs Season 1 Episode 156
Murder Metal Mayhem
Episode 156 - Jane Toppan: The Angel of Death
Show Notes

Pete and Chris throw down solo as Joey is stranded in Indiana with a blown water pump on his car.  They feature the murdering nurse from Boston, Jane Toppan.  They detail Jolly Jane's crimes and her claims of wanting to kill more helpless people than anyone.  The sexual arousal that she experienced as her victims died provides one of the most disturbing facts of this case.

In the wake of CK's passing, the guys feature him in the metal segment and discuss how he became an integral part of the podcast.  They share some details about CK's rough 9-year cancer fight and how bravely he fought.

Plus, a new Killer Cage Match, details on the Dark History & Horror Con, writing updates from Pete, and much more.

Music by Exodus, Dust Bolt, and Dying Fetus.

Brought to you by Pete Altieri (author).

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