Murder Metal Mayhem

Episode 152 - Lonnie Franklin: The Grim Sleeper

September 23, 2021 Pete Altieri, Chris Shawback, Joey Goremonger & Chris "CK" Kovacs Season 1 Episode 152
Murder Metal Mayhem
Episode 152 - Lonnie Franklin: The Grim Sleeper
Show Notes

Pete, Chris, and Joey rip another to shreds, this time with a feature on LA's Grim Sleeper, Lonnie Franklin.  His reign of terror in South Central LA during the 80s, 90s, and 2000s was the stuff of nightmares.  The guys discuss the crimes and his eventual capture so many years later thanks to DNA.  They're joined in the studio by 666 Club member, Mason Robertson.

CK calls in to discuss the band, Attacker, Joey and Chris talk about the wild Full Terror Assault show, a new Killer Cage Match, karaoke destruction, and much more.

Music by Attacker, Bat, and Carcass.

Brought to you by Pete Altieri (author).

66fuckin6 music by Onslaught.

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