Bonus Content - 'Twas the Night of the Podcast

December 24, 2018 Season 1
Murder Metal Mayhem
Bonus Content - 'Twas the Night of the Podcast
Murder Metal Mayhem
Bonus Content - 'Twas the Night of the Podcast
Dec 24, 2018 Season 1
Pete Altieri and Chris Shawback
'Twas the Night of the Podcast reading by Pete Altieri
Show Notes

Pete wrote a funny twist to the classic Christmas poem.  A bit of Murder Metal Mayhem was just what it needed!  Enjoy!

‘Twas the Night of the Podcast

‘Twas the night of the podcast, when all through the air
 An energy was bursting with metal to share
 The beer cans were packed in the coolers with care
 In hopes that Pete, Chris and CK soon would be there.

The listeners were huddled, ready to be fed
 While visions of murder danced in their heads
 Some ho in a nighty with some freak on her lap
 Were settling down for the podcast on tap

Now in the basement arose such a clatter
 I sprang from my bed to see what the fuck was the matter
 Away to the cellar I flew like a flash
 Tore open the door, made my way with a crash

Bounding down the steps, a menacing sound
 Was booming and thumping from below the ground
 When what to my wondering eyes did appear
 Pete, Chris, and CK setting up all the gear

More rapid than eagles, now ready to go
 The intro music started, it was on with the show
 They whistled and shouted and called out some names
 Now Crazy Mike, now Cashman, now Michael and Joe
 On Gacy, on Bundy, on Lovecraft and Poe

They spoke their foul words and many crude jokes
 We laughed until beer spewed forth from our nose
 They told of couches fucked and pubic hair in their food
 We howled through the night no matter how lewd

Their voices filled the air, the team gave a shout
 And they packed up the gear and began to move out
 But I heard them exclaim as they drove out of sight
 “Spread the word like a ho on her high school prom night!”