Murder Metal Mayhem

Episode 144: Alcatraz: A Rock and a Hard Place

July 15, 2021 Pete Altieri, Chris Shawback, Joey Goremonger & Chris "CK" Kovacs Season 1 Episode 144
Murder Metal Mayhem
Episode 144: Alcatraz: A Rock and a Hard Place
Show Notes

Pete, Chris, and Joey destroy another episode with Tex in for their discussion on Alcatraz, the infamous prison in the San Francisco Bay.  They talk about the history of the island, the notorious inmates who did time there, and the many daring escape attempts during its 29-year history.   It's a great breakdown of what makes the island so fascinating! 

CK calls in to feature the metal band, Alcatrazz, plus other heavy metal news, a new Killer Cage Match, a funny mayhem story from Chris, karaoke destruction, and much more.

Music by Alcatrazz, Flotsam and Jetsam, and Megadeth.

66fuckin6 music by Onslaught.

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