Murder Metal Mayhem

Bonus Episode - The 666 Express

December 24, 2020 Pete Altieri, Chris Shawback, Joey Goremonger & Chris "CK" Kovacs Episode 0
Murder Metal Mayhem
Bonus Episode - The 666 Express
Show Notes

Take a ride on The 666 Express!  The Polar Express is for pussies!

Pete, Chris, CK, and Joey deliver the goods with this gift to the listeners for Christmas.  Pete wrote a horror short story, "The 666 Express", which features the four co-hosts as characters.  Find out what happens when four metal heads win tickets on the maiden voyage of The 666 Express, which boasts it can travel a neck-snapping 666 miles an hour!  Things go horribly wrong, and the four find themselves battling zombies in a train car filling with blood and hurtling toward Hell. 

The story is narrated by Brad Tucker and the guys provide all the speaking parts.  Music is provided by In Malice's Wake and combine with an onslaught of sound effects to create a tension-filled experience into the flames of Hell itself!

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