Murder Metal Mayhem

Episode 73 - Herbert Mullin: The Die Song

October 03, 2019 Season 1 Episode 73
Murder Metal Mayhem
Episode 73 - Herbert Mullin: The Die Song
Murder Metal Mayhem
Episode 73 - Herbert Mullin: The Die Song
Oct 03, 2019 Season 1 Episode 73
Pete Altieri, Chris Shawback & Chris "CK" Kovacs with special guest, Joey Goremonger
Features Herbert Muilin, the Die Song Killer, plus the band, As I Lay Dying
Show Notes

Pete and Chris bring the brutality once again, this time with a feature on serial killer, Herbert Mullin.  The bizarre string of murders in 1972/73 Santa Cruz were part of his elaborate concept that he was saving California from falling into the ocean.  The fact he claimed to have taken over 1,000 hits of acid didn't help matters.  They are joined in the studio by Joey Goremonger to tear into this disturbing case.

CK calls in to talk about the controversial band, As I Lay Dying, plus a 10-minute piece of the Dr. Harold Schecter interview, a metal Killer Cage Match, a mayhem story from CK, Pete reveals a new book coming out, their upcoming Shaker's Cigar Bar trip, karaoke destruction, and much more!

Music by As I Lay Dying, Exhorder, and October.

Murder Metal Mayhem intro music by Low Twelve.

CK Intro music by Crisix.

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