Murder Metal Mayhem

Episode 195 - Vampires: Blood Sucking Bastards

October 13, 2022 Pete Altieri, Chris Shawback, and Joey Cashman Season 1 Episode 195
Murder Metal Mayhem
Episode 195 - Vampires: Blood Sucking Bastards
Show Notes

Pete, Chris, and Joey crush another of their monsters of October episodes with a feature on vampires. They recorded this remote episode at The Painted Wraith in Bloomington, Illinois with owners Mike and Stephanie Stoltz. It's a fun look at the legend of vampires, how its endured for so many years, and the countless books, movies, and other media where vampires have appeared.

Joey has the horns with a feature on Rigor Mortis, plus other heavy metal news. They throw down a great Killer Cage Match, karaoke destruction, and more.

Music by Rigor Mortis, Miscreance, and Endless Chaos.

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