Murder Metal Mayhem

Episode 194 - Frankenstein: Making a Monster

October 06, 2022 Pete Altieri, Chris Shawback, and Joey Cashman Season 1 Episode 194
Murder Metal Mayhem
Episode 194 - Frankenstein: Making a Monster
Show Notes

Pete, Chris, and Joey throw down a new episode with the first of their monsters of October episodes with a feature on the iconic story of Frankenstein. The guys discuss the author, Mary Shelly, and the interesting reason why she wrote the novel, and all the adaptations of her story.

Chris has the horns with a metal feature on the death metal band, Deeds of Flesh, plus other news. They dish out a new Killer Cage Match, hilarious stories from Pete in mayhem, and the usual insanity.

Music by Deeds of Flesh, Flayed Disciple and Cut Up.

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