Murder Metal Mayhem

Episode 181 - Burke and Hare: Resurrection Men

June 16, 2022 Pete Altieri, Chris Shawback, and Joey Cashman Season 1 Episode 181
Murder Metal Mayhem
Episode 181 - Burke and Hare: Resurrection Men
Show Notes

Pete, Chris, and Joey tear apart another episode, this time with a feature on the 19th century resurrectionists, Burke and Hare. Their 16 murders in 1820s Edinburgh, Scotland shocked and changed the laws forever when it comes to cadavers for medical research. They're joined in the studio by Stephanie Ruskinoff.

Pete has the horns with the metal feature on bass legend, Geezer Butler, of Black Sabbath. Plus, a hilarious new Killer Cage Match, some big news from Joey, karaoke destruction, and much more.

Music by Black Sabbath, Divine Chaos, and Dishonour the Crown

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