Murder Metal Mayhem

Episode 171 - The Burari Deaths: Ritual Mass Suicide

March 10, 2022 Pete Altieri, Chris Shawback, and Joey Cashman Season 1 Episode 171
Murder Metal Mayhem
Episode 171 - The Burari Deaths: Ritual Mass Suicide
Show Notes

Pete, Chris, and Joey tear apart another episode with a feature on the dark and disturbing story of the Burari Deaths, a ritual mass suicide of 11 family members in 2018. It's a horrible story of how blindly following a mentally disturbed patriarch can be deadly.

Pete has the horns with a feature on the Danish thrash metal band, Killing, including part of an interview with drummer, Jesper Skousen. Plus a new Killer Cage Match, a funny mayhem story from Pete, karaoke madness, and more.

Music by Killing, Schizophrenia, and In Malice's Wake.

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